Business Greatness Quiz

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1. Do you attract, satisfy and retain customers through an organisation-wide focus on their needs and expectations ?

2. Do you motivate, manage, develop and release the full potential of employees?

3. Do you have managed, sound practice processes to reduce waste or duplication of effort and to ensure consistency of product and levels of customer service?

4. Does senior management provide constancy of purpose, by setting the vision and direction of the organisation through a stakeholder focused strategy that takes account of the market and sector, and then inspire others to follow?

5. Do you comprehensively plan, measure and manage the performance of the business with respect to achieving outstanding results in terms of the Strategic Intent?

6. Do you ensure all administrative and financial controls are rigorously adhered to and the financial performance of the organisation achieves the targets set?

7. Do you create mutually beneficial relationships with key suppliers and Service Providers?

8. Is your goal to be the employer of choice by establishing a reputation for being highly ethical, transparent and accountable to stakeholders for performance as well as to be a socially responsible organisation?

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